Form Completion: Basics

Basics of the Form Completion Section

The second portion of the 473 Postal Service Exam is known as Forms Complete. It consists of 30 multiple choice questions that must be completed in 15 minutes.

In this portion of the exam, the tester must answer a series of questions based on simulated postal service forms, such as Customs Delivery or Hold Mail forms. You will likely encounter 5 different forms during your examination, though the number may vary depending on the test. In all, each exam will consist of 30 questions, with approximately 5-7 questions per form.

Skill set required

The forms section is created to guage an applicant's ability complete standard postal service forms accurately, efficiently, and with speed. This is a test of skill and not of your knowledge. Therefore, the forms will be modified, and likely simplified, versions of forms currently employed by the USPS. Why? The USPS does not want to unfairly advantage any applicant that has studied the forms available on the USPS website.

Example Form

Let's begin by examining a potential form you may see on your actual test. Below, is a reproduced and simplified version of the USPS form for the Receipt For Registered Mail. Study the form, and then continue with the lesson below.