Form Completion: Strategies

Strategies for Acing the Form Completion Section

It is remarkably easy to make errors when filling out the forms, simply due to the nature of constantly scrolling back and forth between the visual plane of the form and the question boxes. Therefore, it is best to use an efficient system for completing this section of the postal battery exam.

Always Familiarize Yourself with the Form

Before actually looking at the questions, take a few seconds to look at the form. Notice the format, for instance, whether the numbered boxes run right to left or top to bottom. Are the numbered boxes in columns or rows? Make sure that you understand the general format of the form first. This will help you zero in on a particular area of the form when answering questions, instead of rereviewing the form in its entirety with each given question.

Skip confusing forms to the end

If the format of a form confuses you, leave it until the end. You only have 15 minutes to answer all of the form questions. Therefore, it is best not to be hung up on one particular form that may eat too much into your time, leaving you to guess at answers that you would have gotten correct otherwise. This is crucial to maximizing your score.

Interpret the format

Often the forms will use color coding (white vs. grey) to denote whether a portion of a form is completed by the Postal Service or by the customer. This can be a crucial distinction that should be memorized on each form. Questions will often state where the "Postal Carrier" or the "Customer" fills in what. By understanding this distinction, and simple color breakdown, you can eliminate reviewing much of the form for each questions.

Process of Elimination

There is no penalty for guessing in this section. If you are tight for time, make sure to answer the all of the questions. Moreover, if you are tight for time, you should be able to use a process of elimination. For instance, using the above strategy of 'Interpreting the Format', if a given question asks you which box the "customer" signs, and two of the four answers falls within a section that the Post Office completes, you know that these answers can't be correct. Therefore, even when guessing, you can quickly eliminate incorrect responses to boost your score.