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Address Checking Practice Section
Address Checking involves comparing a pair of addresses for errors. It's a simple exercise made difficult by subtle errors and the huge volume of pairs that must be answered in tight time constraints. Begin practicing this section of the postal service exam below.
Average Applicant Score
Top 10% Score
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Form Completion Practice Section
Form Completion involves quickly evaluating a common Postal Service form and a set of multiple choice questions based on it. You typically will be presented with 5 forms and 36 questions based on these forms. You have 15 minutes to complete the exercise.
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Top 10% Score
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Coding and Memory Practice Section
Coding and Memory are two sections that must be completed together. One route list is presented that you check specific addresses against. You can see it during the coding exercise. You can't during the memory exercise. The memory exercise takes alot of practice.
79 & 56
Average Score (Coding & Memory)
56 & 82
Top 10% Score (Coding & Memory)
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Full Practice 473 Postal Battery Exam
The full exam showcases how the actual exam will be given. Electronic, on a computer, timed, in this order, and scored. It is important that you do the entire exam in order, in actual exam conditions. Your future with the Postal Service depends on a good score.
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